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Aging in our "Purradise" is costly, but we know we can count on you

Since our founding in 2004, we have been a haven for thousands of Lanai's cats and we take pride in creating a space for felines to flourish and live longer – no matter their age or special needs.

Inflation has hit everyone, but on our remote island in the middle of the Pacific – where we have 3,000 humans, one gas station, and no traffic light – costs have gone up more than 30% in the past year. We need your help to continue to care for our 700+ cats.

For less than $2 a day you can sponsor a Kupuna or Special Needs Lanai Lion at our Fur Seasons and get periodic updates and photos of your chosen fur baby. When you adopt a cat in place, you give the gift of a life-long home, high-quality care including doctor's visits, and everything needed for health and happiness. Sponsorship also makes a great gift!

The average feral cat lives only 2-3 years in Hawaii, but once they come to us we have doubled or tripled their life for many cats in our care. Would you believe we even have cats as old as 18? Some cats have been with us since the beginning! We will never take in more than we can properly care for. We believe in quality care, and because of the great care we provide, our kupuna (Hawaiian for "elder") population is constantly growing. We currently have about 50 cats in our Senior Center and they all need extra attention from staff and individualized, daily medication, surgeries, and more frequent visits from our veterinary team that flies in from our neighbor island, Oahu. This specialized care comes at great cost but we are committed to providing older cats with the long life they deserve.

See more about our Kupuna Center in the video below.
Visit our website to meet more of our senior cats and sponsor one here today!

We are committed to all of our cats for the rest of their lives (or until we find homes for them). This means we will do anything necessary to keep them healthy, even if they require surgeries, special treatments, or other veterinarian-prescribed care. Full mouth extractions to treat stomatitis and eye enucleations are just a couple of the costly surgeries we fly our veterinarians from Oahu weekly to perform. We’ve also had a few cats come to us injured due to leg hold traps used in bird conservation. These cats were sent off-island for emergency surgery to have their leg amputated. Careful monitoring of cats who are FIV positive or have head tilt (neurological disorder) also adds to our ongoing expenses.

Visit our website to meet more of our special needs cats and sponsor one here today!