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Give today to protect Lanai's Lions

Take action to give homeless cats a second chance!

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"These sweet little 'lions' need your help, and it is my sincere wish that my donation will inspire others to do the same." – Austin Minor

We are committed to the cats for the rest of their lives (or until we find homes for them). Your donation helps us save lives every day by providing the cats with essentials such as food, medicines and veterinary care.

For less than a $1 a day you can sponsor a "Lanai Lion" at the Fur Seasons and get periodic updates and photos of your chosen fur baby. Adopting in place is a popular option for those who can't take a cat home. When you adopt a cat in place, you give the gift of a life-long home, high-quality care including doctor's visits and everything needed for health and happiness.

Sponsorship makes a great gift for loved ones with a guaranteed blessing for your compassion for cats. You'll receive an adoption certificate and periodic photo updates on how your kitty is doing.

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Lanai Cat Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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