Feed 25 cats for the cost of a cup of coffee image

Feed 25 cats for the cost of a cup of coffee

Kindness keeps Lanai’s only animal rescue shelter open.

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For the past ten years we have been rescuing cats and making Lanai a better place for both felines and birds. We currently care for more than 630 cats – lovingly nicknamed "Lanai Lions." This year we added a 2,000sf TLC area, a 10,000sf main enclosure, and a 3,200sf treatment center! These living spaces for our Lions give us the capacity to care for 500 MORE CATS at the Sanctuary. More cats means more mouths to feed and more food that needs to be shipped in to our tiny island. Last year we needed 2,500 more pounds of cat food shipped in by barge and 1,000 more boxes of treats than previous years. As the cost to care for our cats continues to rise, won't you help us with your most generous donation?

I am so humbled to serve in this role and everything that we do at Lanai Cat Sanctuary is because of you.

Keoni Vaughn
Executive Director